Thursday, August 29, 2013

Charts, Charts, Charts

Charts, Charts, Charts (Sang to Three Blind Mice)
Charts, Charts, Charts
See How They Go
See How They Go
Use them with your class each day
They will make a difference everyday
This isn't an advertisement and I don't get paid.
But, I like Charts.

Ok, I know, it's corny, but it's true.  Anchor charts rock.  Check out these terrific charts, made by some fabulous teachers.  It is the beginning of the year and most of us are busy teaching our students how to choose the "just right" book.  Using I-Pick method, is a good reminder of teaching children how to select their just right book. Check out the videos that have been made to introduce the concept of picking a book. 
Thanks to Mrs. Kuieck's class.  Great job students!

Here is one for older students.  These fifth grades students from Mrs. Jernigans 5th grade class rocked it out and will motive other fifth graders to pick a good book to read.

This creative anchor chart is from Mrs. Meachams awesome blog; "Classroom Snapshots." I think this would be great for older students.  You could even have a volunter to make it for you.

Over at First Grade Fresh, Mrs. Simoneaux, has a great idea for her little ones, add picture cues for beginning readers.

If you have a great chart you would like me to feature, just send me an email!  Thanks for stopping by and thank YOU for being a totally incredible teacher!!!


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