Reading Anchor Charts

Ready....Set....Read to Self................................WhOa...

Wait a Minute! I wish it was that easy, on the first day of school just send them off to read by themselves, while you work with other students, complete paper work, finish the cup of coffee from, 7am even though it's now 2:00pm. Wouldn't that b nice? But, if we did that the first day of school,  it would be like a big pile up on the highway.  Students flying across the room to get the best seat, fighting over the read aloud the teacher just read, now they want to read it (even if it isn't on their level), and students making a mad dash to read with their "bestie" knowing all they will do is talk.  

Well, over at A Differentiated Kindergarten the procedures for Read to Self  are so clear a fifth grader could follow them. No really, a fifth grader. Unfortunally, after 5 years of school, they still need procedures.  They are still little ones, only with hormones and smelly arm pits after recess. Well, maybe that is only at the school where I teach. I think the picture cues are great for struggling readers, and ENL students regardless what level.  Let me know what you think. 

Over at Cardigans and Curriculums, they have incorporated real photos for Read to Self.  This is an awesome idea, because we know how much students love seeing themselves in pictures.  It is an excellent visual clue for students to remind them of the procedures.  Thanks C and C. we will be sure to check out your blog for more great ideas.  

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